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Shop Small: 3-Session Gift Certificates Available For Limited Time

Until December 22, 2017 I’m offering a 3-Session Gift Certificate. This gift will include 3 sessions: 1 consultation, 2 fitness and/or nutrition coaching sessions, and personalized 4-6 week fitness and/or nutrition plan. Each personalized plan will be based on consultation, recipient’s need, and tailored to fitness and nutrition level. Consultation and sessions are 1 hour.

Fitness and nutrition services can make great gift for anyone looking to get active, fitness enthusiast or athlete.





All health and fitness levels age 13 and up are welcome. If you have questions concerning a recipient please let me know.

The gift can be used at location of choice: home, 3 Anytime Fitness locations (Anytime Fitness members), apartment fitness centers, outdoors, corporate fitness center (where available), or long distance with Online Coaching via Facetime and/or phone.

 The local San Antonio Gift Recipients will receive :

  • Goal review (consultation)
  • Medical & fitness history review (consultation)
  • Body composition measurements (consultation, optional)
  • Muscular Strength and/or endurance test (consultation, optional)
  • Flexibility (consultation, optional)
  • Dietary Journal Review (consultation)
  • Before Pictures (consultation, optional)
  • Discussion of current lifestyle, habits, and change required for goals (consultation)
  • Time to ask questions specific to their health & fitness needs (consultation)
  • The 2 additional fitness and/or coaching sessions can be used as needed for additional nutrition coaching, workouts, gym introduction, follow-up consultation, etc. Determined during consultation.
  • Fitness Plan will be emailed and/or available as hardcopy within 3 days of consultation.

Long Distance Gift Recipients —–NEW! 2018—–

  • Will receive the same paperwork as local, San Antonio clients to be reviewed during consultation
  • 3 Online Coaching sessions via Facetime and/or phone
  • Goal review
  • Medical & fitness history review
  • Dietary Journal Review
  • Discussion of current lifestyle, habits, and change required for goals
  • Time to ask questions specific to their health & fitness needs
  • The 2 additional online coaching sessions will be determined during consultation.
  • Fitness Plan will be emailed and/or available as hardcopy within 3 days of consultation.

3-Session Gift Certificates

with personalized 4-6 week fitness and/or nutrition plan


Now 40% off



(FREE certificate can be given away or used by you)

Available as gift card, all 3-Session Gift Certificates expire March 1, 2018. 1 certificate per person. Gift certificate sessions cannot be shared. Gift card recipient can be local to San Antonio or long distance.

I’m offering a limited amount of 3-Session Gift Certificates. Please let me know if you have questions. Contact me to purchase.

Thank you for considering my services as a gift for your friends, family and coworkers.



“We came to Neely with a unique situation. My daughter Danielle is a competitive volleyball player on a local club team. She had a full reconstructive ACL surgery & meniscus repair in High School VolleyballMarch 2014. We found out that she had been playing for 9 months without an ACL. It was completely destroyed but she never showed signs of severe pain, unstable knee or any issues with running, jumping, playing, etc. The orthopaedic sports medicine surgeon recommended surgery before blowing her whole knee or she would be out for 9-12 months or more if she was injured while playing.  If she had a planned surgery, she would be out 6-9 months.
Danielle made the choice to have the surgery. She was not able to complete that season of club volleyball. She was not able to play school volleyball for her freshman year in high school. She was out for 10 months because not only was her ACL in need of repair but while in surgery the surgeon determined that her meniscus needed to be repaired. She was in a wheelchair for 8 weeks. She could not put any weight on her knee for 8 weeks. She was in rehab with people who were 80 years old. She could only sit on the bench and watch her club team play than watch her high school team play.  She was DEPRESSED.  She thought she was over the HARD part but the HARD part was now getting on the court and trying to play.
After being cleared by her doctor, she was now working out twice a day for 5-6 days a week. She worked twice as hard with her strengthening & conditioning volleyball coach.  She worked hard with her defense coach.  She worked hard in off season at school.  She wondered why her leg wouldn’t move where it needed to move?  What happened to her quad muscle & hamstring?  She had gained a bit of weight with all the non-activity and wondered why the weight was not coming off? She was concerned about club try-outs – they were 3-4 months away and she had only been fully released for the last 3 months.  She HAD to make the team.  In her mind this was the biggest goal of this year for her. SHE HAD TO MAKE THE TEAM.  She needed to gain her confidence back.  She needed to feel good about herself.  She needed this before try-outs.  I searched online for Neely.
Neely provided my previous employer a great service with her wellness and nutrition program for the employees to lose weight.  Everyone, who participated, lost weight but the main thing that stuck in my head was how important the nutrition portion of her program was for effective weight loss and lifestyle changes. I hoped that she would be able to work with a teenage athlete. I hoped she would be that last piece of the puzzle to this journey and Danielle would have her confidence on the court back as well as her self-confidence.
I asked Neely to meet with my daughter and explain the discipline that she would need to reach her goals. That if she followed the instructions and advice from Neely, and she kept her food journal, and communicated with Neely- it would all work out.  But it was going to be hard work. Danielle agreed and Neely went to work. She provided many meal options for Danielle. She worked with Danielle on her protein, carbs & fat intake.  She worked with Danielle on her food journal and her caloric intake and the right combinations of foods to eat before work-outs, after work-outs, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Initially, Danielle had to learn that her body needed food for fuel during her tournament weekends.  She was feeding herself to last all day and into the evenings at times.  She had to realize how important this was for performance during these weekends.  Then she had to learn how to ease back on the calories on non-work out days.
Neely scheduled appointments that were convenient for us. She came to our house for appointments. She followed up regularly with Danielle. She text Danielle to remind her to work on her food journal or to take her weight.  She had conversations with Danielle regarding food options, problems or issues, or just had conversation with her.  Little by little the weight started to come off.  Danielle met her goal by her last scheduled appointment with Neely and was very happy about her body image which brought back her self-confidence and her confidence on the court.  We will continue to communicate with Neely every few months and check-in with her as needed. We are very pleased with the end result.
Cindy, mom, San Antonio, Texas
“I am convinced that Neely Hogan is an intuitive healer. By that I mean that her instincts and knowledge of exercise techniques, anatomy and nutrition qualify her as someone I would call “the complete package” when the goal is to get fit or to stay fit.  I have Parkinson’s Disease along with chronic back pain. So far, there is no cure for PD…only symptom management, which is what I began receiving weekly in-home visits from Neely for. Her knowledge of PD and her ability to customize each visit according to that day’s need has proven to be extremely valuable in helping me to maintain a practical level of mobility.  In summary, Neely Hogan is a top-notch professional whose client’s interests are always at the forefront of her practice. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of this mode of health care.”
Pete, 67, San Antonio, Texas

Gifting Fitness

Q: How do I give a fitness-related gift? I don’t want to imply my family member is out-of-shape.

giftA: Gifting fitness to a friend or family member can be tricky. You care about them, which is why you want them to enjoy the health benefits of exercise. You just don’t want to insult your loved one in the process.  There are some helpful guidelines to making sure your thoughtful gift won’t offend anyone:

  1. LISTEN. If your friend or family member has mentioned they need new workout shoes, clothes or want a fitness gadget this might be your moment. It is okay to casually ask about their “New Years Resolutions” now. Maybe they will have fitness in mind. Keep in mind with clothes, if not 100% sure about size, DON’T BUY. Gift cards are best options for yoga pants.
  2. GIVE THE GIFT OF EXPERIENCE, NOT A THING. Maybe something you can do together, gym membership fees, personal training consultation, or a fitness class.
  3. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Know the person you are buying for, not everyone would enjoy hot yoga. Sometimes massages are uncomfortable for shy people. If you have a fitness junkie in your life. YES. They probably will enjoy an expensive fitness class, gift certificate or gadget.
  4. OBSCURE GIFTS. Wireless headphones can be used for running, and while you walk to class or work. This way you avoid them unwrapping a fitness dvd and feeling judged.

Lastly, if YOU would like to receive a fitness related gift, ASK! Fitness and wellness gift giving is tough and awkward at times. Make it easy on your loved ones. Tell them you want to sweat!

Gift Certificates are now available!

A2i Gift Certificate (2)

In Between Walking and P90x

(Please consult a medical or health professional before you begin any new exercise, nutrition or supplementation program or if you have questions about your health. This plan should only be followed after first consulting with your medical or health professional to verify its suitability to your circumstances. Please keep in mind that results differ per individual, even when using the same program.)

After miles and miles of walking or elliptical you may need to increase the intensity or type of workout. You aren’t ready for P90x, so this workout combines the cardiovascular benefits of a walk or elliptical work with a full body workout. It’s designed to keep you moving and your heart rate high. Use this workout to replace 1-2 cardiovascular workouts per week to shake up your routine. Good for intermediate exercisers who can walk at least 30 minutes 3 times each week. This workout could be done at home or in the gym.

This plan is four circuits, each consisting of four exercises. You’ll do four exercises in order, one after another, but with special rest periods: Do A1,  followed by , rest 1 minute, and then move on to A3, followed by  A4, then you rest 2 minutes before beginning with A1. Then repeat from A1 through A4 before you move to the next circuit of B1, B2, B3 and B4. All exercise explanations are below.

Be sure to push yourself out of your comfort zone when doing this routine. You’ll rev up your metabolism and create an after burn effect that will increase your metabolism for the next 24-48 hours.

Time to update your workout if you have been walking or using the elliptical for 30 minutes 3 times each week for at least 4 weeks.

Time to update your workout if you have been walking or using the elliptical for 30 minutes 3 times each week for at least 4 weeks.

Circle Run

While running around a rolled-up towel (or any other small item you won’t trip on), try to keep your head and shoulders as steady as possible. Facing forward move around the towel 30 seconds clockwise and 30 seconds counterclockwise.


On hands & knees, hands firmly placed about shoulder width apart. Lift left arm straight in front and extend the right leg to rear. Hold for 2-3 seconds & return to the floor. Continue on one side for 30 seconds. Try not to put hand and knee back on floor for the entire 30 seconds, but hover and then return to extended position. Then do on opposite side for 30 seconds.

Split Jack

Think of these as jumping jacks for the 21st century. Instead of hopping laterally, you’re going to stay in place, but skip front and back while moving opposing arms and legs to keep your balance (right arm and left leg go forward while the left arm and right leg go backwards.) It requires a little coordination, but you should be able to get into a good rhythm during your set.

Incline Burpees

This exercise is modified if you aren’t ready for full burpees. Start by placing your hands on a bench or other sturdy surface between knee and waist height. Step back one leg at a time to an angled plank position. Hold this stance for a moment before stepping forward one leg at a time. And stand up. Repeat for given time.

The lower you place your hands, the more challenging the exercise is. As you adapt to incline burpees, perform this modification on level ground. Continue to step with one leg at a time. And return to a standing position at end.

Plank Knee Drives

Start in a push-up position, hands approximately shoulder-width, elbows straight. Maintain a neutral spine position; keep the hips in line with the spine and lower extremities as well. Maintaining straight back and squeezing glutes (butt), bring one knee towards the chest by flexing the hip and knee, moving in a controlled manner. Return leg to the start position. Alternate sides, and repeat for given time.

Bodyweight Squat

Nothing fancy here. Cross your arms in front of your body and perform a standard squat, as far down as your flexibility will allow.

Inch Worm

Bend forward and place your hands on the ground just in front of your toes. You’re your weight onto your hands and “walk” your hands forward until you’re reaching out as far as you can, and then “walk” your hands back to the starting position.

Spider-Man Climb

For this one, imagine that the floor has just become the outside wall of a skyscraper and you’ve just become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, climbing up to the rooftop. From a straight arm push-up position, bring one knee up towards the elbow on the same side, and then return to start. Alternate sides with each rep.

Side-to-Side Shuffle

Remember bend your knees, keep your head up, and don’t cross over feet. Choose a distance of  8-10 feet. Moving side-to-side quickly, with a choppy, lateral step to the right with your right foot. Carry your left foot to where your right foot was. As your left foot comes down, again move your right foot further right. Again carry your left foot over to where your right foot was. When you have covered enough distance, switch back and go the other way. Remember to keep your feet parallel to the direction you are moving.

5-Dot Drill

From “position one” (standing upright, with feet together), take a small jump forward and land with your feet wide, then jump back to “position one.”

Immediately take a small jump backwards, landing with your feet wide, and then jump back to “position one.” That’s all one rep — Start at position one, jump forward, return to position one, jump backwards, return to position one. If jumping and hopping are not options simply step in each position as quickly as you can.

Bicycle Crunch

A classic ab exercise. Lay on back with hands next to ears, elbows out. Legs extended over floor. Twist torso bringing right shoulder and elbow to left knee as you bring it towards chest. Alternates sides for given time. Really crank out those reps quickly and focus on bringing alternate knees and elbows into the center.


Using stairs. Lead with left foot. Step onto second stair, skipping first step. Bring right foot up to step. Then use left foot to step down. Bring right foot down. Repeats until set is done, then switch lead legs.


Sit on floor, feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. Place hands on floor behind you with fingers towards your body. Lift buttocks off ground and drive hips up and away from floor as high as possible. Hold this position squeezing buttocks.

Lateral Step-Out Squat

Begin in a semi-squat position, and take a wide step out to the side with one foot. Return to center and immediately repeat with the other leg/to the other side. You can develop a rhythm with this, almost tick-tocking as you go, but be sure to maintain that semi-squat position.

Side Hip Raise

Lying on side, rest bottom forearm on floor with elbow directly under shoulder. Place other hand on hip with elbow skyward. Lift body off floor with only forearm and outside of knee supporting body weight. Raise hips straight up in the air, pushing body past parallel and then lower to ground. Advance: Straighten legs and perform with feet staggered one in front of the other. Alternate sides after 30 seconds.

Swing Kick

Stand behind a chair and lift one leg after another, back and forth over the chair. Modify by keeping knees bent over back of chair and slow speed. Advance with legs straight, hands in the air, and fast speed.