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Gifting Fitness

Q: How do I give a fitness-related gift? I don’t want to imply my family member is out-of-shape.

giftA: Gifting fitness to a friend or family member can be tricky. You care about them, which is why you want them to enjoy the health benefits of exercise. You just don’t want to insult your loved one in the process.  There are some helpful guidelines to making sure your thoughtful gift won’t offend anyone:

  1. LISTEN. If your friend or family member has mentioned they need new workout shoes, clothes or want a fitness gadget this might be your moment. It is okay to casually ask about their “New Years Resolutions” now. Maybe they will have fitness in mind. Keep in mind with clothes, if not 100% sure about size, DON’T BUY. Gift cards are best options for yoga pants.
  2. GIVE THE GIFT OF EXPERIENCE, NOT A THING. Maybe something you can do together, gym membership fees, personal training consultation, or a fitness class.
  3. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Know the person you are buying for, not everyone would enjoy hot yoga. Sometimes massages are uncomfortable for shy people. If you have a fitness junkie in your life. YES. They probably will enjoy an expensive fitness class, gift certificate or gadget.
  4. OBSCURE GIFTS. Wireless headphones can be used for running, and while you walk to class or work. This way you avoid them unwrapping a fitness dvd and feeling judged.

Lastly, if YOU would like to receive a fitness related gift, ASK! Fitness and wellness gift giving is tough and awkward at times. Make it easy on your loved ones. Tell them you want to sweat!

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