Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have exercise equipment at home?

Your home exercise equipment should be adequate for your goals. A lot of fitness goals can be accomplished within a small area with a mat, body weight and proper exercises. But becoming efficient in Olympic lifting requires an Olympic bar, rack, and plates. Helping you develop an at home routine will always be designed with your goals in mind.

Can you bring exercise equipment?

Yes. I bring exercise equipment. After learning what your routine will require, you may choose to purchase your own.

Can we workout outside?

Absolutely. Workouts can incorporate your yard, neighborhood, community amenities center, local park, or hiking trails.

Are you available to train at a gym?

No. A2i Fitness is a mobile training service. We travel to your home, office, or apartment fitness center. A2i is available for consultation and planning for your workout at a gym. We can do this virtually or in-person.

Why hire someone to help me workout at home? Isn’t that what DVDs and the Internet is for?

DVD based programs and Internet videos offer some fantastic exercise programs and ideas. Hiring a personal trainer for your home provides accountability and motivation, proper routine development, helps assure proper technique and form, and can help prevent injury.  If you paid for your trainer to show up at 6:00AM you will most likely wake up!

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