“I have spent most of my adult life on a diet, trying various weight loss programs, only to lose and gain the same 50 pounds. Additionally, I have joined a variety of gyms and worked with a number of trainers. It was not until I began training in 2007 with Neely Hogan at A2iFitness that I finally had my moment. Not only had I found a trainer who had a vast knowledge of the science of exercise and nutrition, but also a trainer who was an amazing motivator. Neely takes a personal interest in helping every client and tailors each client’s workouts to help them reach their fitness and wellness goals.

After taking body measurements and a fitness assessment on Day 1, Neely created workouts that built on my strengths and weaknesses. Every workout session challenged me physically and mentally, and I was never bored. Additionally, the monthly take-home fitness evaluations were a real motivator as they showed the progress I had achieved since Day 1. Neely had her work cut out for her as I had developed a lot of bad habits when it came to nutrition. As each week brought success, it was easy for to begin breaking those habits. I loved training with Neely, and after 6 months of working together, I reached my goal! I had lost 24 pounds, 9% body fat, and best of all, my cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides decreased and my HDL increased. I was now ready to try it on my own, but I knew Neely was only a phone call or email away.

My husband retired in 2008 and we moved to Lake LBJ, 2 hours from San Antonio . I joined a gym and continued training on my own. In February 2009, I set a new goal; I wanted to be a lean, athletic-looking 60 year old, and I wanted to do it in 8-12 weeks. Because of my prior success and the trust I had in A2i Fitness, I was prepared to make the drive to San Antonio 3 times a week. It was great working with Neely again, and we began a rather intense regiment of nutrition, strength training, and cardio. Although the training, meal planning, and time commitment was not always easy, Neely kept me motivated and focused on my goals.

Eight weeks later, I was down 14 pounds and 6% body fat. I had done it again! I would not have had such a successful fitness journey without Neely; in fact, I am continuing my training online through the A2iFitness website. Achieving and maintaining health and fitness is an on-going process, and it is great to know that there is a web-site that can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.”

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We came to Neely with a unique situation. My daughter Danielle is a competitive volleyball High School Volleyballplayer on a local club team. She had a full reconstructive ACL surgery & meniscus repair in March 2014. We found out that she had been playing for 9 months without an ACL. It was completely destroyed but she never showed signs of severe pain, unstable knee or any issues with running, jumping, playing, etc. The orthopaedic sports medicine surgeon recommended surgery before blowing her whole knee or she would be out for 9-12 months or more if she was injured while playing.  If she had a planned surgery, she would be out 6-9 months.

Danielle made the choice to have the surgery. She was not able to complete that season of club volleyball. She was not able to play school volleyball for her freshman year in high school. She was out for 10 months because not only was her ACL in need of repair but while in surgery the surgeon determined that her meniscus needed to be repaired. She was in a wheelchair for 8 weeks. She could not put any weight on her knee for 8 weeks. She was in rehab with people who were 80 years old. She could only sit on the bench and watch her club team play than watch her high school team play.  She was DEPRESSED.  She thought she was over the HARD part but the HARD part was now getting on the court and trying to play.

After being cleared by her doctor, she was now working out twice a day for 5-6 days a week. She worked twice as hard with her strengthening & conditioning volleyball coach.  She worked hard with her defense coach.  She worked hard in off season at school.  She wondered why her leg wouldn’t move where it needed to move?  What happened to her quad muscle & hamstring?  She had gained a bit of weight with all the non-activity and wondered why the weight was not coming off? She was concerned about club try-outs – they were 3-4 months away and she had only been fully released for the last 3 months.  She HAD to make the team.  In her mind this was the biggest goal of this year for her. SHE HAD TO MAKE THE TEAM.  She needed to gain her confidence back.  She needed to feel good about herself.  She needed this before try-outs.  I searched online for Neely.

Neely provided my previous employer a great service with her wellness and nutrition program for the employees to lose weight.  Everyone, who participated, lost weight but the main thing that stuck in my head was how important the nutrition portion of her program was for effective weight loss and lifestyle changes. I hoped that she would be able to work with a teenage athlete. I hoped she would be that last piece of the puzzle to this journey and Danielle would have her confidence on the court back as well as her self-confidence.

I asked Neely to meet with my daughter and explain the discipline that she would need to reach her goals. That if she followed the instructions and advice from Neely, and she kept her food journal, and communicated with Neely- it would all work out.  But it was going to be hard work. Danielle agreed and Neely went to work. She provided many meal options for Danielle. She worked with Danielle on her protein, carbs & fat intake.  She worked with Danielle on her food journal and her caloric intake and the right combinations of foods to eat before work-outs, after work-outs, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Initially, Danielle had to learn that her body needed food for fuel during her tournament weekends.  She was feeding herself to last all day and into the evenings at times.  She had to realize how important this was for performance during these weekends.  Then she had to learn how to ease back on the calories on non-work out days.

Neely scheduled appointments that were convenient for us. She came to our house for appointments. She followed up regularly with Danielle. She text Danielle to remind her to work on her food journal or to take her weight.  She had conversations with Danielle regarding food options, problems or issues, or just had conversation with her.  Little by little the weight started to come off.  Danielle met her goal by her last scheduled appointment with Neely and was very happy about her body image which brought back her self-confidence and her confidence on the court.  We will continue to communicate with Neely every few months and check-in with her as needed. We are very pleased with the end result.


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Sandi TestimonialBack in 2002, I took out a life insurance policy. Because of this I had to get blood work done. I have never considered myself unhealthy because I always exercised and I thought I was watching what I eat; although, I knew I ate a lot of fried foods and sweets. I guess I was watching, then eating the food! Anyhow, my cholesterol was always over 200, but never alarming since my HDL and LDL were always in check.  Because of Roman [son], I have since had to increase my life insurance, which required more blood work.  I just received a phone call from my financial advisor telling me that I received the BEST rating possible in terms of health!  He even stated that the cost of my original policy will be cut almost in half!  This is all because of YOU!!!  Yes, you have helped me better my workouts, but you have also given me a new outlook towards food. You have helped me make better choices, actually, you have educated me about food, which is what I needed most! Neely, I want to thank you for helping make me a healthier person!

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